Friday, 30 May 2008

SLF4J - Beyond Log4j

Just starting to work on a new project I've found a very encouraging surprise.
This project uses SLF4J/Logback!

Log4J is a good old fried. However it may benefit a bit of rework.
SL4J is a fresh wind. Same spirit slimmer code.

I really feel it can blow Log4J out of the water.
If it chooses MIT license me thinks.

Speaking of license choices:

Ceki> Do we want Big Iron (insert your least favorite IT company here)
Ceki> to legally pirate an open source project, say logback?

Let's assume SLF4J gains in popularity.
Then it will likely be perceived as same in kind to Log4J.
However then Big Co-s would still hold on to the conveniently licensed alternative wouldn't they?

I don't see how Log4J can be replaced this way.
IMO SLF4J/Logback need MIT/ASL.