Monday, 5 November 2012

A Man And A Plane

Once upon a time there lived an Aviator, Alexander Poddubny
He has been flying all his life. 1971 graduated from a High Military School for pilots. Was offered an instructor's position. With his students 43 years ago, second left:
Civil pilot since 1981. Flying club founder in 1993. Still teachers 17 year olds to fly:
Why am I telling you this? 'cause here comes his IL-14!
They got into a bit of a trouble in 2005 the Man and the Plane as the IL-14 was locked up on a sold-off airfield:
Until released in 2011 the plane earned no money and a tax debt has built up. A compulsory sale has been ordered for late Nov 2012
It's unfair. And anything can happen: the IL-14 can go to a static aircraft display, become a restaurant or get scrapped... More info, original story, donations.

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